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Boulder Ridge Kennel

  Welcome to our website. We'd like to thank you for your interest and hope that our website allows for you to see what we are all about.  

  Our kennel's breeding stock is from foundation CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered dogs. We have strict standards in how our dogs are cared for. We practice "Kennel Health" and follow strict rules to ensure the health of our puppies. We do not allow outside admittance into our nursery for this increases the risk of disease outspread in our kennel. We allow visitors to our kennel to see puppies and parents, but no touching or petting is permitted. Our kennel follows a strict vaccination schedule. Our prize sires are our chocolate lab, Juggie, and our golden lab, Pooh. Both are very family oriented. Our children love taking care of our puppies and looking after the social aspect of our kennel.

  Our puppies are incredibly social, and work great for companionships. A puppy is perfect for teaching responsibilty, and has proven so as our children look after a great deal of our kennel. The puppies are nice and calm, but can be very energetic.

  As a kennel, we are strong supporters of the Canadian Cancer Society. They are a national, community-based organization that is set to try enhance the lives of people who are living with Cancer. We are also proud supporters of Telemiracle. Telemiracle is a program that helps people get medical attention and enhances their lifestyles for those who could not afford to do so otherwise.

Beware of buying a puppy from a backyard breeder. It often ends in heartbreak when the puppy gets sick because it wasn’t weaned properly or too early. Puppies may have permanent physical problems due to congenital problems brought on by backyard breeder trying to get puppies from too young of a mom, too old of a mom or getting dogs that weren’t breeding material together at all. Every dog isn’t breeding material.

  Proper nutrition isn’t a priority for backyard breeders; neither is ensuring puppy is protected from disease. Backyard breeder’s puppies are often the ‘neighborhood petting zoo’ and are exposed to diseases which don’t show up immediately after buying the puppy. It is the new owner who then has to foot the vet bill to try and cure something that could have been prevented by just having proper handling protocols in place.Puppy may have psychological problems i.e. won’t potty train, or is overly aggressive, bites and barks at everything. This is caused by not socializing puppies properly.

  Buy from a professional breeder, you will get ongoing support with your puppy. You will be assured it hasn’t been handled countless times by strangers before you get a chance to see it. You will know only highest nutrition has been provided. You know all this because you are the advertising that a professional breeder relies on. A professional breeder wants word of mouth advertising through a happy and satisfied customer.

  A backyard breeder could care less what you care or think of him (or her). You are buying a living creature that will be part of your family for many years. The extra money you pay to a professional breeder is the best investment you can make. Don’t be fooled.

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New! New! New!
This is an open invitation to all of our past customers who know the quality and care that has been involved in the development of the pets that they have gotten from us to help us place some of our retired dogs.   Perhaps you know of someone who would be a good fit for one of our retirees. (Your puppies bloodlines!) We will also be placing some of our breeding stock.

Boulder Ridge Kennel has been in operation for almost 18 years now, for the first time in the history of the kennel we will be offering breeding stock to qualified purchasers. We will be reducing the size of the kennel. We are not discontinuing the kennel.

Our genetics has never been for sale before. Someone interested in getting started in this rewarding industry will likely never see this type of opportunity come up again.

The biggest reward is not necessarily the monetary one. If you like meeting people from around the world, this is your foot in the door.
What other business can have clients as diverse as a couple just stepping off a plane from a flight to Machu Pichu in the morning, and meeting a couple who emigrated from the Ukraine after lunch? This is the opportunity to teach your children life skills of responsibility, meeting people, having something that can be done as a family that can actually support itself financially. Our children have benefited from this experience immensely. We would do it again; it has become part of who we are.

Most kennels are started with puppies, they aren’t bred for a couple of years. To be able to be potentially raising puppies by end of summer (we have exposed females) is rare indeed. Adding a proven stud that you can be seeing offspring off of in a few short months should really be considered if you are serious about starting out.

Once this window has closed it will not be opened again.

We are not interested in passing on breeding stock to puppy mills, so be assured that everyone calling must make me feel comfortable or they simply won’t be getting a dog from us.

Any of our clients can attest that they were screened before even being invited to visit kennel.

Al Fortier